Friday, June 8, 2012

DivX Plus

Divx Networks

video compression codec DivX Plus includes the codec and player that enables you to watch movies that were optimized with DivX compression technology. This download provides you with everything you need to play DiVX files for free. DivX for Windows also includes a trial version of DiVX Pro, which allows you to convert video to DiVX and use the Pro codec instead of the free one.

Publisher Divx Networks (2) Popularity 44
Price Free (Trial version included) O/S 2000/XP/Vista/7
Version 8.2.3 ...history Requirements None
Last updated Jun 06, 2012 File Size 911 Kb

BufferZone Pro


protect your PC from malicious downloads BufferZone Pro is a unique system security suite that uses virtualization technology to protect your computer from any type of external threat by isolating new files and programs from the rest of your operating system. You can also run any previously downloaded file or program inside the Virtual Zone by choosing the option from the Explorer right-click menu. Other features includes advanced application rules, and integrated firewall (for apps inside the buffer zone), external drive virtualization, personal file protection and more.

Publisher Trustware Popularity 66
Price Free O/S XP/Vista/7
Version 4.02 ...history Requirements None
Last updated Jun 06, 2012 File Size 14055 Kb

Image Tuner


batch image resizer Image Tuner is a batch image resizing tool that allow you to process a number of photos and apply the same settings to all of them. It offers several resizing profile as well as options to specify custom dimensions or resize by percentage. In addition to resizing your images, Image Tuner can also apply several image adjustments like hue, saturation, brightness etc. If you want to apply a watermark (image file), or convert your photos to a different format you can do that too. As of v3.1 you can preview the results of your image adjustments before applying them to your photos.

Publisher Glorylogic (2) Popularity 55
Price Free O/S XP/Vista/7
Version 3.2 ...history Requirements None
Last updated Jun 07, 2012 File Size 1859 Kb

Tuesday, June 5, 2012



Add annotation to your pictures iPhotoDraw makes it easy to add annotations to your images. You can add text boxes, speech bubbles, arrows, shapes and text overlays and freely arrange one or more annotations within the same image. This can get very tiresome, especially if you are adding multiple annotations with customized color and styles. Other than that, a good tool to add annotations to your images without risking to ruin your originals. iPhotoDraw supports most common image formats including JPG, PNG, TIFF and BMP.

Publisher iPhotoDraw Popularity 55
Price Free O/S XP/Vista/7
Version 1.4 ...history Requirements .NET Framework 3
Last updated May 31, 2012 File Size 7732 Kb