Friday, December 2, 2011

Easy Image Modifier

Kevin Schneider

resize and rename images Easy Image Modifier is an image processing tool that enables you to resize images from an easy to use interface that supports drag and drop. You can set the desired image dimension by pixel or percentage (proportional or non-proportional), specify a new file name pattern, add a watermark and also convert the input images to JPG, PNG or BMP format. Other features include filtering rules, optional removal of metadata, customizable JPG compression levels, image sorting, image preview and more. Easy Image Modifier is a standalone application and does not require installation.

Product Details

Publisher Kevin Schneider (4) Popularity 55
Price Free (paid upgrade available) O/S Win (All) + portable
Version 4.5 ...history Requirements None
Last updated Nov 30, 2011 File Size 463 Kb

IP Camera Viewer


Video Viewer for IP cameras IP Camera Viewer enables you to monitor up to four IP cameras simultaneously on a single screen. The program is designed as a free alternative to the standard viewing software shipped with most IP cameras. IP Camera Viewer supports more than 1500 different camera models, simply select your model from the list, enter the IP address and password (if so configured) and the program will do the rest. IP Camera Viewer supports PTZ controls and can also be used with standard USB webcams.

Product Details

Publisher DeskShare (12) Popularity 00
Price Free O/S 2000/XP/Vista/7
Version 1.14 Requirements None
Last updated Dec 01, 2011 File Size 5101 Kb

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Javacool Software LLC

  • License:Freeware

prevent installation of malware SpywareBlaster prevents the installation of many so-called spyware, adware and malware programs by disabling the CLSIDs of popular spyware ActiveX controls, and also prevents the installation of any of them via a webpage. This allows you to run Internet Explorer with Active-X enabled, but it will never download or even prompt you for any of the known ActiveX controls. All other Active-X controls or plug-ins will work fine. The SpywareBlaster database contains information on these known spyware Active-X controls and can be updated with the click of a button. The application windows displays a list of all controls that it is able to detect (this is not a list of what was found on your computer).

Product Details

Publisher Javacool Software LLC (4) Popularity 66
Price Free O/S Win (All)
Version 4.4 ...history Requirements None
Last updated Sep 01, 2010 File Size 3119 Kb

Toolwiz Care

Toolwiz Soft

  • License:Freeware

a collection of system utilities Toolwiz Care is a collection of system utilities and optimization tools designed to clean, check, optimize and tweak your computer. The program offers a well designed interface that organizes the more than 40 tools into 6 different categories. Among other things, Toolwize Care includes a Registry Cleaner, Disk Analyzer, Startup Optimizer, Boot Time Analyzer, Process Manager, Privacy Cleaner and most other tools commonly found in similar utility suites. In addition to the main featured, Toolwiz Care includes more than a dozen small tools that can perform a variety of functions like generating password, recovering recently deleted files, finding duplicates, shred files and more. Although Toolwiz Care looks impressive and offers a quantity of features, most of the functionality, especially the "Tools" collection, is fairly basic and without documentation.

Product Details

Publisher Toolwiz Soft Popularity 00
Price Free O/S XP/Vista/7
Version Requirements None
Last updated Nov 28, 2011 File Size 3600 Kb