Tuesday, January 28, 2014


RAW image processor RawTherapee is a RAW image processor that can develop RAW formats from most digital cameras and DSLRs. It offers advanced controls for exposure and color adjustments, sharpening, denoising, color management, white balance, color channels, and much more. The program also supports cropping and resizing as well as corrections for vignetting, distortions and perspective. RawTherapee keeps track of all your editing actions and allows you to switch back and forth between different versions of the image. You can save your adjustment settings as profiles and quickly apply them to similar images.  A detailed PDF manual is available from the website.
Publisher RawTherapee Team O/S XP/Vista/7/8
Price Free Requirements None
Version 4.0.12 ...history File Size 14352 Kb



Add XSUB subtitles to avi files AVIAddXSubs enables you to incorporate XSUB subtitles into AVI files, which allows you to play the subtitled AVI video without storing the subtitles in a separate file. The XSUB subtitles are inserted into the AVI file without re-encoding it. The program supports subtitles from srt/idx/sub formats. In case of other file formats (mp4/mkv), if XSUB is the only kind of subtitle supported (e.g. PS3), AVIAddXSubs can automatically convert mp4/mkv files, using ffmpeg, to avi and then incorporate XSUB subtitles. AVIAddXSubs offers a variety of options to customize the subtitles by choosing the font, letter size, position, character set and other details. In order to see the subtitles, you have to activate them from your video player's menu.
PublisherDHMKO/S XP/Vista/7/8  portablePortable
PriceFree RequirementsNone
Version9.14 File Size914 Kb

Friday, November 15, 2013

VLC Media Player (VideoLAN)

media player and streaming server VLC Media Player is a multimedia player that supports a wide variety of audio and video formats (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, mp3, ogg, etc.) without the need for additional codecs, as well as DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols. It also comes with a streaming server that enables you to stream media in unicast or multicast from your network. VLC Media Player provides a simple, straightforward interface with standard playback controls and makes most of it`s advanced features available from the right-click menu and toolbar. The long list of features include A/V filters and effects, media library, playlist, visualizations, video snapshots, customizable interface, album cover downloads, subtitles and much more.
Publisher O/S Win (All)
Price Free Requirements None
Version 2.1.1 ...history File Size 23915 Kb
Last updated Nov 13, 2013

Remote Desktop Manager 
enables you to manage all your remote server connections from a single interface. It supports Microsoft Remote Desktop, Terminal Services, VNC, LogMeIn and Team Viewer, Ftp, SSH, Telnet as well as virtualized environments (VMWare, Virtual Box, Virtual PC) and others. All your connections can be conveniently accessed from the tray icon and you can switch between them from the integrated connection viewer (optional). Other features include support for VPN connections, dual monitor support, user favorites and more. Remote Desktop Manager is free to use for personal and commercial usage, there is also an Enterprise version available

Product Details

Publisher Devolutions Inc. (3) O/S XP/Vista/7/8
Price Free Requirements .NET Framework 4
Version ...history File Size 34231 Kb

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Axence NetTools Pro 

Axence Software, Inc.

a set of essential networking tools Axence NetTools Pro is a set of essential networking tools that includes network monitoring, port scanner, NetStat, TCP/IP Workshop, graphical ping, Traceroute, Bandwidth measuring, SNMP browser and more. You can monitor ping responses from multiple devices or websites and be alerted via email, sound or message dialog when a server becomes unavailable. The TCP/IP Workshop allows you to troubleshoot TCP/IP problems by establishing a manual TCP connection with a host. Other features include statistical history graphs and export to HTML, XML and CSV. Axence NetTools Pro requires free registration after 30 days.
Publisher Axence Software, Inc. (2) O/S XP/Vista/7/8
Price Free Requirements .NET Framework 4
Version ...history File Size 36960 Kb

Free Studio  

 Dvdvideosoft Ltd.

more than 30 free audio and video utilities DVDVideoSoft Free Studio combines more than 30 video and audio conversion utilities into a single interface. The program includes conversion tools to download and convert YouTube videos for portable devices (PSP, iPod, iPhone etc.), convert video soundtracks to MP3 format, video to Flash format, 3gp conversion and much more. DVDVideoSoft Free Studio also includes several burning and ripping applications to create CDs and DVDs and extract music from AudioCDs as well as some simple video editing tools.
PublisherDvdvideosoft Ltd.(2)O/S Vista/7/8
PriceFree RequirementsNone
Version6.1.12 ...historyFile Size79828 Kb



Browse iPhone and iPad files on your PC iBrowse enables you to browse the content of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch from your computer. Simply connect the device to your computer and launch iBrowse to browse through the folders and files as well as iTunes Backups. You can easily copy file to/from your device by using drag-n drop and you can also delete files from the device via the right-click menu.

Product Details

PublisherMacroplantO/S XP/Vista/7/8
PriceFree RequirementsNone
Version1.0.0.1 File Size7498 Kb

Thursday, June 13, 2013


 Piriform Ltd.

undelete files and folders Recuva is a file recovery tool that enables you to scan your hard drive(s) or media cards for files that have been deleted or formatted. It presents you with a list of files that were found, along with an assessment of their recovery potential, a preview option and a hex viewer to inspect the content. You can limit your search to files of a certain type (e.g images, audio etc.) and choose between a fast and a deep scan approach. The program also includes a secure deletion option that allows you to permanently delete files that were found during the scan, in order to prevent any future recoveries.
Publisher Piriform Ltd. (5) O/S Win (All)  portablePortable
Price Free Requirements None
Version 1.47 ...history File Size 3158 Kb


 TightVNC Group

remote computing tool TightVNC is an enhanced version of VNC, which is optimized to work over slow network connections such as low-speed modem links. It allows you to access your computer desktop remotely via a client program or with a web browser, using the built in HTTP server. While original VNC can be very slow when your connection is not fast enough, TightVNC allows you to work remotely almost in real time in most environments. Besides bandwidth optimizations, TightVNC also includes many other improvements, optimizations and bugfixes over the original VNC. TightVNC is compatible
Publisher TightVNC Group O/S Win (All)
Price Free Requirements None
Version 2.7.7 ...history File Size 2300 Kb
Last updated Jun 07, 2013