Saturday, February 18, 2012

Youtube Downloader HD


download videos from YouTube Youtube Downloader HD is a simple tool to download videos from YouTube and save it to your local computer. The videos can optionally be converted to AVI or MP4 format (compatible with iPod, iPhone etc.). Simply paste the URL of the YouTube video you want to download, select your preferred video format and click a button to download and convert the video.

Publisher FDRLab (2) Popularity 66
Price Free O/S 2K/XP/2003/Vista/7 + portable
Version 2.9 ...history Requirements None
Last updated Feb 17, 2012 File Size 3635 Kb

SpyShelter Personal Free


anti-keylogger software SpyShelter Personal Free is an anti-keylogger software that can protect you from malicious applications that attempt to steal your personal information. It uses several different detection methods that monitor keyboard hooks, clipboard capture, screen capture and system activities. Each time the program detects a potential threat, it will intercept the action and allow you to block or allow the activity. Since many programs are using capture methods for legitimate purposes (hotkeys, screenshots etc.) you can maintain a black/white list to prevent unnecessary prompts from interfering with your work. Other features include detailed logging, import/export of security rules and more. A Premium edition with additional features and support for 64-bit systems is available for purchase.

Publisher Datpol Popularity 55
Price Free O/S XP/Vista/7
Version 6.1 ...history Requirements None
Last updated Feb 17, 2012 File Size 5684 Kb

PixBuilder Studio

WnSoft Inc

image editor with layers and .8BF support PixBuilder Studio is an image editor that offers a full set of photo editing and color management functions, including color balance, levels and curves adjustments, color fill and more. Unlike most free editors, the program even offers support for layers and .8BF Photoshop filters. PixBuilder Studio also comes with a full range of drawing tools (brush, pen, pain fill etc.), as well as transparency masks, magic wand, lasso tools, gradient color transition effect, a healing brush for touch-up work, built-in shapes, image effects, multi-step Undo and much more.PixBuilder Studio used to be shareware but is now free.

Publisher WnSoft Inc. (2) Popularity 66
Price Free O/S XP/Vista/7 + portable
Version 2.2.0 ...history Requirements None
Last updated Feb 17, 2012 File Size 3096 Kb

Toolwiz BSafe


store your files in password protected containers Toolwiz BSafe enables you to create secure, password protected storage containers that are encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption. To access your files, simply select a container, enter the proper password and the program will mount it as virtual drive with on-the-fly encryption. You can then access your files from any program just like any other folder. Once you're done, simply close the container and your files will be hidden from view and inaccessible without the proper password.Toolwiz BSafe supports multiple containers of custom sizes.

Publisher XII CNC Inc. (3) Popularity 00
Price Free O/S XP/Vista/7
Version 1.3.0 Requirements None
Last updated Feb 17, 2012 File Size 1117 Kb

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Multi Commander

Mathias Svensson

advanced file manager Multi Commander is an advanced file manager that can be used in dual or single panel mode. In addition to the standard file management features, the program offers a vast array of advanced options that allow you to manage, filter and manipulate your files in many different ways. The program takes a little getting used to, most commands are available from buttons and menus rather than right click options, and some configuration options are available from a tab, others from separate dialogs. Once you get over these little oddities, Multi Commander has much to offer. The program is highly customizable, you can create your own command buttons, choose from different interface layouts, create user defined commands, customize menu options and much more. Some of the more advanced features include file renaming, image conversion, EXIF and meta tag extraction, file date adjustments, one-click file filtering, text conversions, folder comparison, and lots of other things.

Publisher Mathias Svensson Popularity 55
Price Free O/S XP/Vista/7
Version 2.0.996 ...history Requirements None
Last updated Feb 13, 2012 File Size 4519 Kb


Rob Baker

a slick image viewing and editing tool Imagina is a unique image viewing and editing tool that offer high quality image rendering with additional 3D effects and image slideshows. The program also includes common and advanced image adjustment features that allow you to tweak color balance, exposure, contrast and curves and apply several filters like smoothing and noise reduction. Other features include a handy before/after view, batch processing (simply tag an image to include it in the batch), GeoTag look-up via Google or Bing, GPS track support, image resizing, cropping and more.

Publisher Rob Baker Popularity 33
Price Free O/S XP/Vista/7
Version 1.8.4425 ...history Requirements Microsoft DirectX
Last updated Feb 13, 2012 File Size 6341 Kb