Saturday, October 15, 2011


e-book manager and reader

Calibre is an open source e-book library management application that enables you to manage your e-book collection, convert e-books between different formats, synchronize with popular e-book reader devices, and read your e-books with the include viewer. You can sort you books by author, title, date and other details, download meta information and book covers, add personal tags and comments, and view your image in a cover flow display. Calibre supports all popular e-book formats enables you to convert your books to different formats, using advanced conversion techniques to maintain the structure of the e-book. The program also offers extensive support for synchronizing of e-books with popular devices, such as Kindle, Sony Reader, Nook, and many others.


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Publisher Calibre Open Source Team
File Size43335 kb
Version0.8.22 ...history
Last updatedOct 14, 2011
Popularity6/10 Trend down
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

Advanced SystemCare Free

one-click care for your PC

Advanced SystemCare Free is designed to provide one-click care for your PC. It includes a quick spyware scan, adware blocking, privacy cleanup and several system scans that can find and fix invalid registry entries and clean up temporary files. The program also analyzes your system configuration and suggests changes to optimize performance. Advanced users can review all changes that are about to be made and make adjustments as needed - a restore option is provided in conjunction XP System Restore. Advanced SystemCare Free provides a convenient way for non-technical users to perform routine maintenance and apply system optimization tweaks without the need to become a computer geek. The program can also be scheduled to run automatically. A Pro Edition can also be purchased that offers additional optimization features.

This program automatically installs a Yahoo branded toolbar unless you opt-out. info

Freeware (Ad-supported) (with limited features)

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Publisher Iobit, Inc.
File Size29366 kb
Version4.1.0 ...history
Last updatedAug 31, 2011
Popularity6/10 Trend up
LicenseFreeware (Ad-supported)
Windows 32/64-bitXP/Vista/7

Friday, October 14, 2011

PixBuilder Studio

image editor with layers and .8BF support

PixBuilder Studio is an image editor that offers a full set of photo editing and color management functions, including color balance, levels and curves adjustments, color fill and more. Unlike most free editors, the program even offers support for layers and .8BF Photoshop filters.PixBuilder Studio used to be shareware but is now free.


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Publisher WnSoft Inc.
File Size3071 kb
Version2.0.2 ...history
Last updatedOct 13, 2011
Popularity8/10 Trend down
Windows XP/Vista/7

Instant Elevator Music

play music while you wait

Instant Elevator Music is a unique application that may seem superfluous at first but, once installed, is actually pretty cool. The program automatically kicks in whenever you have to wait for a progress bar dialog to finish and plays elevator music in the background. Not only can this make the wait a little more pleasant, it can also be useful to be "keep an ear out" for a progress to finish without having to look at the screen.Instant Elevator Music works with Windows Explorer, web browser and many other applications. You silence the app at any time by clicking on the tray icon.


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Publisher Ben Stone
File Size2041 kb
AddedAug 11, 2011
Popularity3/10 Trend up
Windows XP/Vista/7

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Secunia PSI

alerts you to critical security updates

Secunia PSI (Personal Software Inspector) scans your computer for seriously outdated software products that have been discontinued or require critical security updates from the vendor. The program can recognize almost 30,000 software products and gathers update information from a variety of online sources, a user community and in-house research.


Download Secunia PSI

Publisher Secunia
File Size1699 kb
Version2.0.0.4002 ...history
Last updatedOct 11, 2011
Popularity5/10 Trend up
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Right Click Enhancer

tweak and customize the right-click menu

Right Click Enhancer allows you to customize the Windows right-click menu by removing unwanted items from the SendTo menu or adding your own items. You can add file and folder shortcuts directly to the menu or create cascading sub-menus to organize multiple shortcuts. The program also includes a tool to tweak the right-click menu by adding several features (God Mode, Move/Copy to Folder, Create File List, and more) and an option to add custom shortcuts to the "My Computer" folder.


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Publisher RBSoft
File Size1355 kb
Version2.2 ...history
Last updatedOct 10, 2011
Popularity5/10 Trend up
Windows XP/Vista/7 + portable

Nitro PDF Reader

View, create and edit PDF documents

Nitro PDF Reader enables you to view, and edit PDF documents. The program includes a variety of advanced features that allow you to add notes, highlight selected text, save PDF forms, extract text and images, type text directly into the document, and more. Other features include integrated PDF preview for Windows Explorer, support for image or signature stamps, internet access control and an option to create PDF documents from MS Office, HTML, Text or image files.Other features include web browser integration and support for OCG layers.

Freeware (paid upgrade available)

Download Nitro PDF Reader

Download 64-bit version

Publisher Nitro PDF, Inc.
File Size26130 kb
Version2.0.0.29 ...history
Last updatedOct 10, 2011
Popularity6/10 Trend down
Windows 32/64-bitXP/Vista/7


image editor with layer support

Paint.NET is image and photo manipulation software designed to be used on computers that run Windows XP or 2000. Paint.NET is jointly developed at Washington State University with additional help from Microsoft, and is meant to be a free replacement for the MS Paint software. The program offers a clean and easy to understand interface that includes all common editing tools, as well as clone stamp and various image effects. More advanced users will also appreciate the fact that Paint.NET supports layers with transparency and layer adjustments. Additional features include Red-Eye removal, image resizing, sharpening, multi-level Undo and more.


Download Paint.NET

Publisher Rick Brewster/ WSU
File Size3642 kb
Version3.5.10 ...history
Last updatedOct 10, 2011
Popularity8/10 Trend down
Windows 32/64-bitXP/Vista/7
Requirements.NET Framework 3.5


undelete files and folders

Recuva is a file recovery tool that enables you to scan your hard drive(s) or media cards for files that have been deleted or formatted. It presents you with a list of files that were found, along with an assessment of their recovery potential, a preview option and a hex viewer to inspect the content. You can limit your search to files of a certain type (e.g images, audio etc.) and choose between a fast and a deep scan approach. The program also includes a secure deletion option that allows you to permanently delete files that were found during the scan, in order to prevent any future recoveries.

Pros: Deep scan to recover formatted files; image previews; includes secure deletion option; file type filters

Cons: None found


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Publisher Piriform Ltd.
File Size1545 kb
Version1.41.534 ...history
Last updatedOct 10, 2011
Popularity10/10 Trend down
Windows 32/64-bitWin (All) + portable

BufferZone Pro

protect your PC from malicious downloads

BufferZone Pro is a unique system security suite that uses virtualization technology to protect your computer from any type of external threat by isolating new files and programs from the rest of your operating system. The program creates an isolated environment called the "Virtual Zone" in which all new applications and files are run until you decide that they are safe to be moved into your "real" computer environment. BufferZone is ready to use immediately and automatically protects popular browsers, instant messengers and download clients. If your favorite programs are not protected by default, you can easily add them to the list. You can also run any previously downloaded file or program inside the Virtual Zone by choosing the option from the Explorer right-click menu. Other features includes advanced application rules, and integrated firewall (for apps inside the buffer zone), external drive virtualization, personal file protection and more. (Not compatible with 64-bit)

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Publisher Trustware
File Size14982 kb
AddedSep 20, 2011

Note: Currently only for 32-bit versions of Windows


dictionary and translation tool

Wikitup is a personal dictionary and translation tool that retrieves information from multiple online sources simultaneously and presents you with the results from the most relevant data sources, which include Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Google Translate and others. In addition to text results, the program also retrieves relevant images, videos and sounds from Flickr, YouTube, SoundCloud and other online sources. You can easily look up a word from your browser (or other application) by simply right-clicking on hit while holding down the Ctrl key.

Installs a sponsored browser toolbar unless you opt-out during setup. info

Freeware (Ad-supported)

Download Wikitup

Publisher Railroad Group Inc.
File Size11691 kb
Version1.8.6 ...history
Last updatedOct 10, 2011
Popularity1/10 Trend up
LicenseFreeware (Ad-supported)
Windows XP/Vista/7
Requirements.NET Framework 2.0


convert images to PDF

JPEG to PDF enables you to convert your JPG images into PDF files. You can choose one or more images and either combine them into a single PDF file or output multiple PDF documents - one for each image. The program can automatically size your images to fit within the page size. You can also add custom margins for better presentation and customize the page size settings. In addition to JPG/JPEG, the program also supports BMP, GIF, PNG, TIF, WMF and EMF files. Easy to use, no installation.


Download JPEG to PDF

Publisher Jesse Yeager
File Size82 kb
AddedOct 10, 2011
Windows 32/64-bitWin (All) + portable

Monday, October 10, 2011


write an image to multiple USB drives

ImageUSB enables you clone your USB Flash drive by creating a UFD image, which can then be used to create an exact copy of your USB stick. You can even write the image concurrently to multiple UFDs, making it easy to create mass duplications of your USB Flash drive. ImageUSB works with all kinds of UFD images, including bootable Flash drives. Standalone software, no installation needed.


Download ImageUSB

Publisher PassMark Software
File Size420 kb
Version1.1.1006 ...history
Last updatedOct 07, 2011
Popularity6/10 Trend down
Windows XP/Vista/7 + portable

Sunday, October 9, 2011


restrict access to your desktop

Deskman enables you to restrict access to your desktop, system settings and drives. You can hide drives, disable keyboard commands, hide items from the Start menu, block new auto-run programs, secure your desktop, set Internet Explorer restrictions and more. Other features include a web interface for remote management and support for custom security profiles and user exceptions.

Free Trial $69.00 to buy

Download Deskman

Publisher Anfibia Software
File Size2604 kb
Version11 ...history
Last updatedOct 08, 2011
Popularity6/10 Trend down
LicenseFree Trial $69.00 to buy
Windows 32/64-bit2000/XP/Vista/7

Trial limitations: 30 day trial. Fully functional.