Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Zemana AntiLogger Free 

  Zemana Ltd.

stop keyloggers from spying on you Zemana AntiLogger Free prevents keylogger applications from capturing your keystrokes. The program blocks most common methods used to capture your keystrokes, and in addition, it scrambles the keys, so even if a keylogger is able to capture what you type, it will be completely illegible. The program is easy to use and will not interfere with your typing at all. There are no settings to configure, only an option to turn protection on or off. Zemana AntiLogger Free works with all applications as well as email programs and web browsers. It will not interfere with your typing at all - you won't notice the difference. A tray icon indicates the current protection status. To verify that the program works as advertised, we tested it with AKLT and AntiTest (see screenshots).
PublisherZemana Ltd.(2)O/S XP/Vista/7/8
PriceFree RequirementsNone
Version1.6.2.226 ...historyFile Size4132 Kb

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