Wednesday, March 30, 2011


create photo mosaics

AndreaMosaic enables you to create a mosaic poster by using many small image tiles, that are analyzed and arranged to match the overall pattern of the original. You can specify the size of the tiles, the number of times each one can be repeated (if needed), tune color adjustments, and choose from a variety of mosaic patters. You can specify one or more folders as the source for the image tiles and the program will scan them into a database from where they can be easily re-used for other projects. You can even extract frames from a video file and use them as the base of your mosaic. Depending on the effect you want to achieve, you can use more or less image tiles for realistic or abstract results. AndreaMosaic can optionally output an additional HTML web page that displays your artwork and allows the user to zoom into the individual image tiles. The program can output huge mosaic images with 200 megapixel and more.


Download AndreaMosaic

Publisher Andrea Denzler
File Size8209 kb
Version3.33 ...history
Last updatedMar 29, 2011
Windows 32/64-bitWin (All)

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